Flight Control

Flight Control is an action/strategy game by Melbourne developer and publisher Firemint. The Game The objective in Flight Control is deceptively simple – guide airplanes and helicopters to landing strips and helipads to increase your score. However, as gamers are well aware, simple rarely means easy, and Flight Control is an example of a game Continue Reading


Fieldrunners is a tower defense game. This style of gameplay hearkens back to the Warcraft 3 Custom Maps community before the now-ubiquitous Defense of the Ancients began to make the rounds, and so some players may feel a twinge of nostalgia for the first app from Subatomic Studios. For those not versed in tower defense, Continue Reading

Doodle Flight

Doodle Flight is a shoot’em up developed by independent developer j2sighte. Killer cloud. The recipe for Doodle Flight is simple: fill pan with shoot’em up, layer with tilt controls, and decorate with an art style true to the namesake. Your first taste of it probably reminds you of everything good about hardware specific controls and Continue Reading

Cube Runner

Cube Runner is an action game written by Andy Qua. The Game Avoid the colored blocks at all costs. Because! They’re blocks! As an older game in the iPhone’s ever-expanding library, Cube Runner is one among a wave of many that use the phone’s tilt functionality, a feature undoubtedly included with games in mind. Nowadays, Continue Reading


Cogs is an incredible machine-type of puzzle game from Lazy 8 Studios and published by Chillingo. I am a huge fan of Incredible Machines. I played that game non-stop when I was a lot younger, all the way up to just about last week! Well, Cogs isn’t exactly Incredible Machines, but it certainly does bring Continue Reading

300 Dwarves

To this very day, dwarves remain a strong link to the legends and myths of old – relatively, of course. While vampires sparkle in the sun, elves are actually Greek gods in the flesh and goblins are nothing but green-skinned untermenschen, dwarves are still the short, brutal and brave axe-wielders, whose love for battle is Continue Reading