League of Heroes

I still don’t know what to say about the League of Heroes. It’s a solid game, but not really interesting, or great, or even has any serious issues – it’s just a game. If there’s a hell for critics, then it’s not reviewing awful games, or getting struck on the head with every Twilight book forever, but reviewing these mediocre titles. You can only describe them as “It’s okay… I suppose”. The “three stars nightmare”, as I call it. But I digress.

The game is set in a fantasy world, and you play as a guy who “wants to become a hero” as explained by some old man with an over exaggerated lisp. You pop up in a village and from there you get sent on your missions, which mostly include “hit stuff until it no longer moves”. The RPG system is only present as the damage your character can take and give – there are no skills or abilities that you can use, or at least that I’m aware of, and only one weapon type you have is a sword. So, let’s just say that “RPG” in the genre of this game is a bit of a stretch. The gameplay is, too, somewhat boring, and the only real diversity in it is achieved through different enemies. Yes, there is a store and items that you can buy, but in the end, they only boost your “strength” stat.

The controls are really simple, and I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing for an action-rpg. You move the hero by sliding your hand on the left side of the screen, and attack/talk by pressing on the right side. Of course, this can mean that it’s easy to pick up, but this also means that if you’re on the “complexity” side of the fence, you should look for it elsewhere. And I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but at times, my hero refused to attack when I told him so. Don’t know if it was a game glitch, or my phone stuttering for some reason. Other than that, I can’t say I have any complains in the way the game behaves.

Cartoony graphics are looking great. The enemies are interestingly designed and are not your standard orks and demons. You can tell that there was some time spent designing the world, as it feels solid and fun to explore. The main hero is also a funny lad, whose armor can consist of a bucket on his head and a sword straight from anime show. While the game is not original in any gameplay sense, it’s actually fun to look at and can grant you a lot of fun with its design. The sounds are, too, fun to hear and cartoonishly fun, even though the characters are strangely cast.

I wish I could say if this game has a good “free-to-play” system, or not. On one hand, it has both the pop-up ads, and the constant facebook nausea, and the gameplay limits, but they are all on the level and don’t force you to hand off your cash after five minutes of the game. I’ve played for several levels and somehow, my “stamina” still was 4/5 full, so if it goes like this all the time, I don’t think that you can ever hit a limit, unless you decide to play it many hours a day. Really, this time I just don’t know what to tell about it, so see for yourself – if you’re going to be held back by how much this game is uncomfortable, or if you’ll see through it.

As I explained in my prolonged prologue, there’s nothing exceptional about this game, but nothing really bad either. It’s a little dull and monotonous, has a “pay-to-play” system, though not that restricting, but on the other side the graphics and sounds are pretty and fun, and if you like your games simple, it’s certainly is for you. Not an exceptional title by any means, but still can be a lot of fun. I may have been a little spoiled by certain free-to-play titles though, so it’s quite likely that you find this game really amusing.

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