Knights Onrush

Knights Onrush is a defend your castle type game developed by MoreGames Entertainment and published by Chillingo.

The Game

Lazy swordsmen, sleeping on the job.

Knights Onrush is one of the most polished games with the defend your castle theme, where hordes of enemies rush to attack your castle, break down the doors, and probably smack you around a little. You, as the defender of the castle, are tasked with the job of fighting these guys off and making sure that your door survives to take a beating another day. There are a variety of methods at your disposal to get rid of the baddies, but most of your killing will involve grabbing one of them by tapping and holding onto the screen, and making a flicking motion upward as to keep your hands clean and blame gravity for their death. Another, more funny method is to once again, lift them off the ground and just smash them right down, which is more effective for the stronger enemies because they do have more health and will survive a fall.

To help in the senseless massacre of your enemies, you will also be able to upgrade your door and purchase weapons which you can mount in your fortress of doom. You can purchase a boulder, which is a massive rock that you just drop on enemies to turn them into pancakes, columns, which can repeatedly slam into the ground and kill everything it hits, fireballs, which explode upon contact with the ground, crossbows, which spears everything it hits, and cannons, which causes a massive explosion. Together, the upgrades and weapons will get you out of binds and jams, simply because of their sheer stopping or killing power.

Trying to take over the world.

Knights Onrush has three different modes: Campaign, Endless Siege, and Madness. Campaign essentially walks you through and lets you familiarize yourself with the different weapons at your disposal and the huge variety of enemies that you will encounter. Trust us when we say it, there is quite the variety of enemies that will come banging at your door. Endless Siege is essentially short levels where you survive as long as possible, against an unlimited number of enemies. Madness steps it up a notch and throws a relentless wave of enemies at you every day, but gives you a bit of a life saver with a stronger door than you would have started out with otherwise.

Killing an enemy in Knights Onrush will give you gold, which allows you to purchase all these wonderful upgrades and weapons. In addition, there are sacrifices, which you can gain from well… sacrificing enemy units. You purchase the sacrificial pit or the dragon altar, and just drag and drop an enemy there and let it do its job. Sacrifices allow you to purchase the higher end weapons, which you will definitely want for when the situations get REALLY sticky.


It’s raining men!

The art behind Knights Onrush is top notch, very detailed and has a great cartoony style that is perfect for the game. The sprites are smoothly animated and even die very smoothly. Sometimes I do run into some weird graphical glitches such as enemies being stuck in mid air, or stuck in my castle, but all you really have to do is tap and drag them around and they should be good to go. Check out the screenshots to get a better idea of the art.


Knights Onrush has a typical medieval fanfare soundtrack, which is fitting for the game. Sound effects are quite crisp and clear, and as a whole, the sound of Knights Onrush is more than adequate for the game.

Additional Comments

If there were one major complaint I could make about Knights Onrush, it is that because of the way the armies rush onto the screen with multiple layers, it really makes it hard to be precise with your grabs. For example, when knights and explosive barrel throwers and catapults rush the screen at the same time, I generally want to grab the catapults and throw them at the barrel throwers which will cause a massive chain reaction killing everything around it. Now the problem rears its ugly head when the knights are in the front layers and the catapults and explosive barrel throwers are in the back layers, and I will end up grabbing a knight and throwing it into the ground and have my door pummeled by boulders and explosive barrels. Just a little annoyance that is trivial.


Knights Onrush is one of those games that will keep you playing regardless of the fact that it is the same thing every round, it is addictive and the multitude of methods of killing will just keep you coming back for more and trying to attain higher scores for the leaderboards. Definitely one of those games you have to own.

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