Flying Furball

Flying Furball is the second game developed by zinc Roe Design for the Zimmer Twins cartoon series on Telesoon.

The Game

Flying Furball has the lovable cat of the Zimmer Twins sitting on the head of none other than Edgar Zimmer himself. The goal of the game is to collect as many fish bones possible, while dodging all of the obstacles thrown into your path. You can tap the right side of the screen to duck underneath obstacles (And collect lower fish bones) and the left side of the screen to jump over obstacles (And of course, collect higher fish bones.) With every hit of an obstacle, the little black cat loses a little bit more of its health until it hits zero, at which point the game ends. Fortunately, when you collect a fish bone, it replenishes a bit of your health, and when collected consecutively without being hit by an obstacle or missing one, the point value of each fish bone increases by 50.

There are three different environments (Pictured in the screenshots) that all have different obstacles to trip up your dear cat. At the end of the third level, you have officially beaten the game and your score has been registered. The game itself is very simple, fun, and does not take a whole lot of time commitment. Perfect for passing around with friends and seeing which of you has terrible reflexes.


The art behind Zimmer Twins, as mentioned in the Stunt Wagon review, is fantastic. All of the drawings and animations are well polished and very pleasing to the eye. The art of Flying Furball is definitely one of the strongest points of the game.


Flying Furball has a very simple soundtrack, probably inspired from the Zimmer Twins cartoons itself and it works. It is very casual and light, much like the game itself.

Additional Comments

Much like the Stunt Wagon review, I wish I could enter my name into the scoreboard so at least I could track where I was. Otherwise my boasting abilities are limited, but then again I could just claim the top spot on the board as my own. I guess there are pros and cons to this approach.


Flying Furball is a fun and simple game that is quick and will definitely keep sharpen your reflexes over time. Fun for all ages, and possibly a great party or group game, it is definitely worth checking out.


Bottom Line

Flying Furball is a great iPhone game for the Zimmer Twins cartoon, great for all ages and doesn’t take a great time commitment to play. Definitely worth checking out.

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